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SEO Service Offerings

Project Staffing and Management

XL Technology provides IT consultants including project managers with expertise in search engine optimization. 

SEO Configuration

XL Technology's SEO consultants have experience in the most recent software implementations and configuration of software. Our SEO implementations include monitoring search engine algorithms, software configuration and provide analysis in every phase of SEO configurations.

SEO Implementation

XL Technology's SEO analyst can support customers with the installation of the software on hardware platforms. In addition to recent implementation expertise, our consultants are able to meet an organizations requirements for search engine marketing. Our SEO consultants provide clients expertise in planning and executing internet marketing initiatives. 

SEO Service Area Summary:

  • Project Staffing and Software Configuration
  • Software Configuration Installation
  • Internet Directory Submissions and Backlinks with Authorities 
  • Social Media Optimizaiton

SEO Staff Augmentation

A large number of our clients have projects when there is more work than can be handled by internal staff and additional resources are necessary. XL Technology Group provides personnel with expertise that can work along side our clients' direction to develop, maintain, and support IT projects. By providing skilled IT professionals experienced in many disciplines, we offer staff on a temporary or long-term basis.

SEO Resources:

● Retain short-term technology talent cost-effectively.
● Ensure specific technical skills and resources apply to specific project.
● Project affordability within specified budget for project.
● Skilled IT resources with recent knowledge of technologies and tools.
● Both short and long term service duration availability
● Contract terms and team alignment designed to support rapid deployment and response
● Low-risk and flexible contract terms.

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